Co-designing initiatives of impact and profit.

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In a sentence, Affix Studio is an independent visual novel developer and producer.

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Founded in 2018 and we are based in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Our projects focus is aligned with our impact values. No gimmick!

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Meet Our Team

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Aishah Megat Shahair
Managing Writer
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Amalina Izzah
Managing Artist
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Danial Shah
Co-Founder + Developer
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El Insyirah Fathin
UX/UI Experience

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Muhammad Jefri Shah
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Muhammad Naqiuddin
Partner Strategist

Our Focus

manifesto 1
To provide with knowledge and to develop intellectual, moral, and social capabilities to the players.
manifesto 2
To set a measures of humanitarian awareness and efforts intended to permanently lift people out of poverty.
manifesto 3
To create a robust structure of writing in visioning, ideation, prototyping and implementation focusing on digital.
manifesto 4
To document in creative writing and visual representation to preserve or restore the arts and cultures.

manifesto 5
There is a saying, “If you cut the trees, the sky will fall.”
manifesto 6
In other words - all human beings are brothers and sisters to one another.
manifesto 7
The degree to which players can obtain an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.
manifesto 8
To ensure animal care, husbandry and is in humane treatment is part of human responsibility.